Five different EMS Sculpting machine price

磁立瘦对比 1


EM-HP01——Small size with big energy

This ems sculpting machine price is the lowest. This price is very favorable. You only need to spend the money for two or three courses of treatment in the clinic, and you can own this instrument forever. Even if you don’t want to use it in the future, you can also sell it on second-hand websites. Great value for money, very popular on second-hand sites.

let’s know more about it. I said it is small. So how small is it? Just 33*34*26cm! You can hold it with just one arm.

Its output intensity is not low, it’s 3.5 Tesla. Maybe you think it’s not enough, but remember it just has one handle!

You can operate this type ems sculpting machine easily, just click its small screen is OK. If you also buy the pelvic cushion, just need replace the handle and install the cushion is right.

EM-HP04——Portable mutiple functions EMS Sculpting machine

This type is not the same as EM-HP01. You have more choices, you can choose a handle for the arm or abdomen and a pelvic cushion. It has a touch screen, you can click choices and it’s very convenient. The prices are different depending on the handles you choose. But in total, this ems sculpting machine price is worthy.

If you just choose one handle, its price even cheaper than EM-HP01. If you buy these handles together, it can do treatment on your whole body. Just need change handle when you want to do treatment on the next part.

EM-MP152——Satisfy all your needs at home

This machine I very much recommend! Maybe you notice that it can install 4 handles together, It can save us the trouble of changing the handle. If you choose two handles, you can get 2 abdominal handles, but they can also be used on your thighs and ass. If you choose four handles, you can get 2 abdominal handles and 2 arm handles. You can also use them together.

This ems sculpting machine price depends on your choice. This instrument is one that I think can be used once and for all at home.

Large screen for your convenience, It is also very simple to operate.

EM-MS152——NO.1 muscle gainer of beauty salon

The above three are portable ems sculpting machines, and this one is a standing type. Although it’s a standing one, its price is not too high. We have many customers who open beauty salons to buy this device because it is affordable and they can choose according to their needs. Customers who choose four handles can even treat two customers at the same time. 

The vertical style is high-end and atmospheric, which can be used in beauty salons to better attract guests.

EM-NS1544——Top-grade EMS Sculpting machine, top configuration

This ems sculpting machine price is the highest in our shop. Although the price is not low, it has complete functions. It has all the handles that are available in the market. The most important thing is that he also has the RF function.

This is a standard large instrument. It is impeccable in terms of appearance and function, and its energy is also 12tesla, which is rare in the market.

All the instruments introduced above can be optionally configured, but this one is different, you don’t need to choose, he has all the handles and functions

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