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VELIVING skin care machine---Skincare Trilogy

When it comes to VELIVING beauty equipment, you must mention the facial trilogy. As the name suggests, the facial trilogy is three skin care machine. They perform their own duties, and each one is the best within the scope of its own responsibility. Maybe You haven’t heard of the face trilogy, now I will introduce you to these three patented instruments of our company

Why did I first introduce this beauty equipment? Cleansing is the first step in facial care, so I put this instrument first in these skin care machines. Click on the subtitle to see detailed information about this instrument. VELIVING vacuum ultrasonic cleaning machine combines vacuum negative pressure and ultrasound to realize facial deep cleansing and keep the skin moisturized. Compared with other cleaning machines, our hydro peel machine has CE, and FDA certifications and is suitable for any salon, spa, medspa, etc. There is a specialization in the surgery industry. Although this beauty equipment has only two handles, it can deeply clean our faces, including many stubborn blackheads.

In short, the purpose of this beauty equipment is to hydrate the face. In our daily skin care, what do you do after cleaning? I think most people will hydrate. That’s why I made this beauty machine the second in our facial machines. If you want to know the instrument details, please click on the subheading. VELIVING needless mesotherapy machine using high-pressure power combined with ultrasonic frequency technology, can significantly improve dryness and roughness, whiten and rejuvenate your skin and make your skin younger.

To the last step, the main event! Firms the skin! I have to say, this is my favorite beauty machine! I see immediate results every time I do it. Even when I use it to do my half face, I can clearly see the difference between the two sides of the face, and the half of the face that has used this skin care machine has been significantly improved. RF is a non-invasive treatment method, and it is one of the safest and most effective cosmetic wrinkle removal methods at present. And our RF beauty machine uses the technology of composite frequency conversion radio frequency so that the treatment effect is 40% ~ 50% higher than that of ordinary radio frequency. Click on the subtitle, there is a detailed introduction of the instrument and a comparison chart. 

Others beauty equipment

In addition to the classic trilogy, we have also launched a variety of other beauty types of equipment. Currently, all our instruments are free shipping, and some instruments are in the US warehouse. These instruments are currently discounted heavily, and there are 6 in 1 ultrasonic cavitation machine and EMS body Sculpting machine, if you are interested, please go to our online shop:

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