808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Vemeidc highly advanced diode laser machine is designed to remove unwanted hairs from your body permanently. It is highly effective and works flawlessly. You will only just feel a tingling sensation on your skin as the diode laser works its magic.

  • Laser Type : Semiconductor Laser
  • Model : Super808
  • Spot Area: 10*10nm, 10*12nm, 12*20nm
  • Laser Power: 300w/600W/1200W
  • Delivery Method: ByAir, By DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS Express, By Sea
  • OEM/ODM: Professional Design Services With The Most Reasonable Expense
  • Suitable For: Beauty salon,hospitals,skin care centers,spa,etc…

With the Vemeidic diode hair removal technology, you can offer your clients a better solution!


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1. How many times needed? How long time is the interval time?

There are three stages in the hair growth cycle: growth period, regression period and rest period. Only in the growth period can the hair be effectively removed. The three growth cycles of hair alternate, the body parts of the cycle is long and short different, after a large number of clinical studies hair loss interval of 30 days, the hair removal rate is the largest, need 4-6 times to completely remove.

2. The thicker the hair, the more times do optical depilation need?

No,it is not the intensity of hair to determine the treatment times,but the hair growth cycle, general hair needs 4 to 6 times can be permanently removed.

3. How is the reaction of skin after treatment?

Hair removal has no damage, no down time, so it can be done in anytime. Technical speaking, it is not seasonal. But it is better to do as early as possible since you can enjoy the beauty cloth in summer.

4. What about the treatment interval and the treatment period?

Generally speaking, the skin will be lightly red, which will disappeared in several hours after treatment

5. Has it influence on perspiration?

No. Hair follicles and sweat glands are respectively alone two structures, the hair from the follicle level, sweat glands next to hair follicles, and both are not the same thing. The process of hair removal is only the destruction of hair cells in the hair follicle, not affecting the sweat glands, not affecting sweating.

6. Why hairs can’t be removed immediately?

Depilation is aimed at the hairy nipple and melanin in the hair follicle, the destruction of the hairy nipple makes it atrophy and necrosis, can no longer provide nutrition to the hair, make the later period in the hair growing less and less, more and more light color.

7. How to nurse after treatment?

After treatment, the depilation area may become slightly inflamed. Sensitive skin and hot or itching feeling, These all belong to the normal phenomenon, You can fill ice compress well as nursing. And avoid suntan, pay attention to prevent bask in. Pay attention to depilation part of the day, do not use hot water scald, wash gargle application warm water.

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