Vacuum Aquacleaner

▼ Product Information

VEMEIDIC vacuum ultrasonic cleaning machine combines vacuum negative pressure and ultrasound to realize facial deep cleansing and keeping the skin moisturized. Compared with other cleaning machine, our hydro peel machine has CE, FDA certifications and suitable for any salon, spa,medspa etc.

▼ Function

VEMEIDIC vacuum facial machine can eliminate aging keratin, remove folliculitis, remove acne, improve acne, eliminate aging keratin, adjust sebum secretion, improve skin dark yellow, increase skin permeability


▼ Working Principle

Vemeidic cleaning beauty machine by vacuum negative pressure combined with ultrasonic wave,through the moisture stripping technology, the ultra-micro bubble is fully combined with the nutrient stock solution through the vacuum circuit. The specially designed probe is only 10 microns in diameter and can penetrate into the pores quickly, taking away the dirt in the pores. A large number of bubbles dissolve and rupture in the water. When they burst, they generate about 400 kilometers of ultrasonic waves per hour and generate a large amount of oxygen anions. This bubble water can kill bacteria, remove keratin, deep clean skin, improve skin allergies, improve hemorrhoids, and ultrasonically introduction deep detoxification to the skin.

multifunction facial machine
multifunction facial machine

▼ Vacuum+Ultrasion Handle

1. VACUUM HANDLE: Vacuum negative pressure, with the original liquid to wash the pores, clean the face dirt. Hydrodermabrasion can quickly improve the appearance and texture of the skin. Hydro dermabrasion is the latest technology for skincare.

  • Deep skin cleansing: Mildly completely removes dirt dead skin cells. pore tightening, refine pores;
  • Eliminate sebum control, acne, pockblackheads&Whitehead. Remove acne, comedones, keratin;
  • Painless and good performance for physiological skincare;
  • Remove facial blemish makes the skin fresh and elastic;
  • Improve the skin’s dark yellow pores;
  • Restrain the inflammation.
vacuum facial machine
vacuum facial machine

2. ULTRASONIC HANDLE: Ultrasonic waves open the pores at a vibration frequency of 1 to 3 million per minute, and the nutrients are supplemented with nutrients in the form, of fine molecular atomization, and the absorption rate is over 90%.

  • Speed up skin absorption;
  • Improve the rate of lymph flow;
  • Stimulate Promote blood circulation and metabolism;
  • Breaks down grease, and Skin tightening pores, enhances skin elasticity;
  • Dilute pigmentation, Skin whitening uniform color;
  • Activate collagen cells, skin rejuvenation.
ultrasound facial machine
ultrasound facial machine

▼ Advantages

  1. Short Treatment Time: Short operating time, does not affect work and life
  2. Highest Client Satisfaction: Safe, no side effects, no harm to the skin.
  3. Multfunction: Deep cleansing of the skin, detoxification, repairing the skin barrier function
  4. Easy to transport: The vacuum facial machine is small and easy to carry and to transport by air with low price.
  5. Certificate: FDA,CE, ISO-9001

▼ Main Technical Parameter

Product NameAquaCleaner
Vacuum range-70kpa
Operating modecontinuation
Standard handleTwo handles
Package Size51*51*39 cm
Package Weight12.6kg


Q1: What skin problems does this instrument treat?

A1: Such as acne, folliculitis, clearing, clearing skin folliculitis. besides, it also can remove blackheads and pores and dirt.

Q2: Who is this instrument suitable for?

A2: People with long-term makeup, long-term face of the computer; People with large pores, blockage, thick stratum corneum; People with skin problems such as blackheads, hemorrhoids, and dark skin etc.

Q2: How does the treatment feel?

A2. Most treatments last between 10-20 minutes.

Q3: How long is recovery after treatment?

A3: Our vacuum aqual peel facial machine is no downtime,Go right back to life as usual –no need to miss work or fun.

A4: How long will the results last?

Q4: According to the different treatment courses, For most patients, measurable results appear gradually in the three to six month. depending on your skin condition and aging process.

A5: Are there any side effects?

Q5: No, our RF Younger do not have any side effect, the treatment is non invasive and painless

▼ Effect

multifunction facial machine effect
multifunction facial machine effect

Professional R&D team supply personalized service

1 year warranty free service and maintenance.

English is available and other languages software can be added if need

We offer user manual and video as your guidance

The configuration decides the prices

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