6 in 1 cavitation machine

▼ Product Information

VEMEIDIC 6 in 1 ultrasonic cavitation machine is a multifunction beauty equipment. it is designed for body contouring and cellulite removal and face lift and so on. Compared with other cavitation machine,our 6 in 1 cavitation machine with multiple handles, and the price is cheap, it is the best choice for beauty salons or medspa.

▼ Function

1. Improve and treat the orange peel like fatty tissues of different serious levels

2. With  the  effects  of  soothing,  decompression  and  pain  relief  (such  as  joint  pain,  sciatica),promote the regular mechanical aerobic exercise of skin tissue, rapidly relieve stress and remove fatigue.

3. Firming, lifting and compact the skin and mould the face shape  circulate  and  activate  cells,  promote  metabolism  and  so  that  100%  more  collagen  and  elastic fibers may be gained for improving the facial and body skin

6 In 1 Cavitation Machine

▼ Working Principle

With collective strong sound wave head, strong sound wave of 40000HZ may be emitted to vibrate fat cells at top speed and produce numerous vacuum air pockets inside and outside the fat cells,robustly impact fat cells to generate introverted blast and disintegrate triglyceride into glycerol and free fatty acids. Then RF waves at frequency  of 1MHZ is used for exhausting the integrated glycerol and free fatty acids through hepatoenteral circulation. Finally, vacuum RF and energy electrode are used for positioning and tightening fat.

6 in 1 cavitation machine
6 in 1 cavitation machine

▼ Multifunction Handles

1. 40k Ultrasonic Cavitation Hand

Ultrasonic cavitation & rf hand piece adopts 40KHz to impact fat cells fiercely, cause effective consumption of calories and moisture in fat cells and reduce the size of fat cells, thus to remove fat and reshape body. Can be used on thighs, buttock and belly.

2. Vacuum Multipolar RF handle

Negative Pressure & RF hand piece uses suction to improve blood flow and lymph circulation, RF heat makes collagen contract and increase collagen. Can be used on waist, belly, thighs.

3. Facial RF handle

Acts on the dermis of the skin and can quickly warm the dermis to 50-60°C. This thermal effect promotes collagen regeneration for wrinkle and skin rejuvenation. It can be used on the face

4. Body RF Handle

Generates 50~60℃ heat and penetrate into deep-seated cellulite, thus causing cellulite to dissolve, skin firming and enhancing skin elasticity. Can be used on body,belly, waist, thighs etc.

5. Bio Micro current handle

The BIO micro current probe penetrates the micro current into the skin and cells. This can achieve the effect of repairing the skin, allowing the skin to better absorb nutrients and moisture, and keep the skin moisturized and firm. It can be used on the face

6. Big Diode Lipo Laser Paddle

Uses 160mw-650nm lights to stimulate and break down fat to achieve weight control. It can be applied to any skin. It mainly treats large areas such as the arms, buttocks and back, and thighs.

7. Small Diode Lipo Laser Paddle

Uses 160mw-650nm laser to break down excess fat, firm cellulite and skin, and achieve body sculpting effect. It is usually used in smaller areas such as the neck, back, knees and arms.

6 in 1 cavitation machine
6 in 1 cavitation machine

▼ Advantages

1.Painless treatment focus RF energy at the correct position, compared to other radio frequency technology, it uses low energy and high frequency, safe and effective.

2.High Effcient: Aim at the skin surface and deep location, direct access to the different skin layer.

3.Safe: Without side effects and the risk of gaining the weight back, the results are rather obvious.

4.40K Ultrasonic: With the most useful 40KHZ ultrasonic cavitation system, selectively targeting fatty tissue.

5.Lipo Laser Light: 635nm ~650nm Lights(5mw) help fat removal better.

▼ Main Technical Parameter

Probes (5 + lipo laser pads)Specifications
40Khz Ultrasonic Cavitation1.Power: 25W
2.Intensity: 0-10
3.Frequency: 40KHZ
4.Working time: 0-60min
Vacuum Biopolar RF1. Power: 50W
2. Frequnecy: 3MHZ
3. Vacuum:0-80kPa
4. Deflate : 250kpa
Multipolar RF for Body1.Power supply output: 66V
2.Freqeuncy: 6MHz
3.Power: 50W
4.Working time:0-60min
Multipolar RF for Face1.Power supply output: 66V
2.Freqeuncy: 3MHz
3.Power: 30W
4.Working time:0-30min
Tripolar RF for Eye1.Power supply output: 66V
2.Freqeuncy: 3MHz
3.Power: 30W
4.Working time:0-30min
Lipolaser pads (6big+2small)1.Laser wavelength:630-650nm
2.Time:30-60 minutes
3. Working temperature: 10-40 degree
4. Maximum output power: 400W
5. Single output: 50mW adjustable
6.Laser frequency:1-1000Hz


Q1: How Many Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment are Needed?

A1: 2-3 treatment course/week,10-15 ultrasonic cavitation treatment course recommend. The treatment times should be adjusted according to different body condition during whole treatment period

Q2: How Long Does Fat Cavitation Machines Take to Work?

A2: For best results, this treatment is split into two parts, each targeting fat cells in designated areas. The abdominal session takes roughly 45 minutes to complete while the thighs take about 30 minutes to treat. In a word, deep fat, more treatment time need.

Q3: How about Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine Risks?

A3: Ultrasonic cavitation machine has no side effects. It is the safe and secure method that you can use to burn extra fat.

Q4: What is the treatment area?

A4: Vacuum Ultrasonic cavitation machine help with weight loss, they can widely work on most parts of the body where localized obesity resides; treatment area range from thigh, arms slimming, body shaping, legs, abdomen and buttocks and so on

▼ Effect

rf cavitation machine
rf cavitation machine

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