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▼ Product Information

VEMEIDIC RF ultrasonic cavitation machine combine with ultrasonic , vacuum cavitation , and radio frequency. it is designed for body contouring and cellulite treatment. Compared with other cavitation machine,our RF cavitation machine with unique exterior design and CE,FDA certifications to ensure the quality.

▼ Function

VEMEIDIC  RF cavitation machine,match with special fat reduction products, it can eliminates stubborn cellulite and reduces excess fat. At the same time, it also can stimulates subcutaneous collagen and quickly fills in the depressions after fat ablation, realizing skin tightening and cellulite removal.


▼ Working Principle

Ultrasonic cavitation machines utilizes a focused wave transmitter to project the high frequency sound waves with a frequency of up to 40KHz (40,000 vibrations per second), the intense sound waves cause violent vibration within the fatty cell, and result in the production of innumerable vacuum air pockets inside and outside the fatty cell. The fat cell is bombarded with such force that this causes the introversion and destruction of its membrane, thus ultrasonic cavitation machines help reduce the target deep fat in your body naturally.

ultrasonic cavitation machine
ultrasonic cavitation machine

▼ Multifunction Handles

1.Vacuum + RF

RF help for cells rejuvenation and collagen fiber soon rebuild network to keep body firming. On the other ahand, vacuum promotes fatty cells fragmentation clean out body to arrive sooner slimming and body tighten improvement.

2. 40K ultrasonic + RF

It is one of the smallest tinnitus 40K ultrasonic. Could help for enregy more evenly distributed. 40KHz ultrasonic could soon crash fatty cells by high speed vibration. The fatty cells become a lot cells fragmentation could delete out of human body following circulation.

rf cavitation machine
rf cavitation machine

▼ Advantages

1. Comfortable and Easy: Ultrasonic cavitation machine is easy to use, just need about about 30-60 minutes,and during ultrasonic cavitation treatment, you’ll feel comfortable and significant enjoyable during whole treatment.

2. Pain-Free: Ultrasonic cavitation treatment is a pain-free method because it did not require any surgical steps that are painful. It does not require any an aesthesia before the procedure, no blood wastage, no bandages, and no syringes.

3. Significant Effective: Ultrasonic cavitation machines are useful, the result will seen in a few weeks or even after one treatment course finished.

4. Widely Applications: it can be matched with other treatment in beauty salons or spa.and will achieve various effects such as skin tightening, cellulite removal, body shaping, fat reduce and so on.

5. Certificate: With FDA,CE certifications to ensure the quality.

▼ Main Technical Parameter

Product nameVEMEIDIC RF cavitation machine
Maximum Pressure40KPa
Operating modeInstant–intermittent
standard handleRF Vacuum and RF 40K ultrasonic
Package Size51*51*39 cm
Package Weight12KG


Q1: How Many Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment are Needed?

A1: 2-3 treatment course/week,10-15 ultrasonic cavitation treatment course recommend. The treatment times should be adjusted according to different body condition during whole treatment period

Q2: How Long Does Fat Cavitation Machines Take to Work?

A2: For best results, this treatment is split into two parts, each targeting fat cells in designated areas. The abdominal session takes roughly 45 minutes to complete while the thighs take about 30 minutes to treat. In a word, deep fat, more treatment time need.

Q3: How about Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine Risks?

A3: Ultrasonic cavitation machine has no side effects. It is the safe and secure method that you can use to burn extra fat.

Q4: What is the treatment area?

A4: Vacuum Ultrasonic cavitation machine help with weight loss, they can widely work on most parts of the body where localized obesity resides; treatment area range from thigh, arms slimming, body shaping, legs, abdomen and buttocks and so on.

▼ Effect

rf cavitation machine
rf cavitation machine

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