RF Younger

▼ Product Information

RF is a non-invasive treatment method, and it is one of the safest and most effective cosmetic wrinkle removal methods at present. And our RF beauty machine uses the technology of composite frequency conversion radio frequency, so that the treatment effect is 40% ~ 50% higher than that of ordinary radio frequency.

▼ Function

VEMEIDIC skin tighteing machine can activates cellular molecules, stimulates collagen to recombine and regenerate, diminish wrinkles, tightens skin, accelerates cell repair, and promotes metabolism


▼ Working Principle

Vemeidic RF skin tightening machine uses the characteristics of radio frequency waves, through the stepless adjustment, emits different bands of radio frequency waves, targets the skin from the epidermis to the dermis at different depths. The impedance characteristic generates energy, and at the same time, it strongly rotates with the cell molecules (million times per second) to generate heat energy, and the treatment is repeated, stimulating collagen fibers and collagen cells of different depths and layers of skin, so that it continues to proliferate and sufficient, while promoting the accumulation of free fat and the reorganization of the fibrous connective group, the therapeutic effect is 40% to 50% higher than the ordinary single frequency radio frequency.

RF skin tightening machine working principle
RF skin tightening machine working principle

▼ Advantages

  1. Efficient: An RF international soft tissue regenerative anti-aging instrument treatment is equivalent to more than 20 manual treatments.
  2. Highest Client Satisfaction: No trauma, no broken skin, complete operation during sleep, can repair the epidermis, no recovery period after operation;
  3. Long-lasting effect: Collagen continues to be produced from the beginning of maintenance, and the effect is more pronounced after 4-6 months;
  4. Easy Operation: the operator can operate easily.
  5. Nanoprobe for any skin type, no allergies
  6. Low Cost:After Used, No need to change the hand-piece/ cartridge. and No media required
  7. Easy to transport: The RF Equipment is small and easy to carry and to transport by air with low price.
  8. Certificate: FDA,CE, ISO-9001

▼ Main Technical Parameter

NameRF Younger
Input voltage100~240V,50/60HZ
Input Power50W
Output frequency1MHZ
Output Power≤10W
Output intensity1 to 6 levels adjustable
Input connectionDedicated plug power cord
Output connectionHigh frequency cable/handle massage head
Operation temperature10℃~45℃
Machine Weight9.2kg
Machine Volume52*44*29 cm

▼ Product FAQ

Q1: How does the treatment feel?

A1. Most treatments last between 30-40 minutes. The whole treatment process is comfortable and non invasive, just like a massage. You will not feel any pain or soreness and can relax yourself during the treatment.

Q2: How long is recovery after treatment?

A3: Our RF Younger is no downtime,Go right back to life as usual –no need to miss work or fun.

Q3: How long does a treatment take?

A3: Recommend suitable treatment according to the customer’s physical age, skin age and economic strength.
*  Facial treatment: 30 times/treatment ; 20 times/treatment; 10 times/treatment
*  Eye treatment: 10 times/treatment

1. Recommended operation time: 60 minutes each time for face and body (neck, chest), 25-30 minutes each time for eyes
2. Recommended operating frequency: the first 3 times each time interval is 3 days (the gear is lowered by one gear), the last 5days once

A4: How long will the results last?

Q4: According to the different treatment courses, For most patients, measurable results appear gradually in the three to six month. depending on your skin condition and aging process.

A5: Are there any side effects?

Q5: No, our RF Younger do not have any side effect, the treatment is non invasive and painless

▼ Effect

RF skin tightening machine effect
RF skin tightening machine effect

Professional R&D team supply personalized service

1 year warranty free service and maintenance.

English is available and other languages software can be added if need

We offer user manual and video as your guidance

The configuration decides the prices

  1. send an inquiry
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  3. Waiting for a reply
  1. send an inquiry and write clear of your own needs
  2. The seller will recommended suitable machine according to your actual situation
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