Which sculpting machine is the best for spa?

Which sculpting machine is the best for spa?

Those popular sculpting machines in market

If you have a salon, you may know many different sculpting machines in the market. Such as the cavitation machine, cool sculpting machine, and EMS body sculpting machine.

You are dazzled, every machine looks so efficient and functional, you even want to buy them all back to the salon, but money is limited after all. In the following content, I will analyze the best sculpting machine for you, help you make a quick decision, and buy the best equipment for the least amount of money.

EMS sculpting machine is the best

I very much recommend EMS sculpting machine. It is safe and efficient, and the operation is simple. As long as you follow the instructions, even a novice can operate independently for the customer. 

And the course of treatment has no side effects, so there is no need to worry about the sequelae caused by the client’s constitution.

Compared with other devices, such as cavitation machines or fat-freezing machines, they all need a recovery period, but EMS sculpting machines can be treated every day. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy, then do whatever you want, as long as you’re away from metal during the session

The least price of EMS sculpting machine

There are many kinds of our EMS sculpting machines, the price ranges from one thousand dollars to six thousand dollars. The price for home use will be lower. The advantage is the small size and convenient operation. The disadvantage is that the number of handles is less and the power is lower than that of the salon model.

In fact, it is very cost-effective to buy an EMS sculpting machine for use at home. The price is equal to a session of treatment in the clinic, but after buying it home, you can use the instrument at any time, as well relatives and friends. Everyone can enjoy EMS sculpting machine. What a beautiful thing this is.

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